Interesting Articles on JavaFX Programming Language

JavaFX and Java Interoperation

How to Put JavaFX Scene into a SWING Application Swing uses JavaFX features
Invokes JavaFX Charting Features from Java How Java uses javaFX features
Menu in JavaFX Use Swing Menu in JavaFX
Java and JavaFX Interoperation 3 methods of interoperability
Earthquake Hits JavaFX an issue of current JavaFX runtime.

JavaFX Gaming Articles

Examples of Writing JavaFX Games Pac-man Widget
Online Multi-player Game Prototype (1)
Online Multi-player Game Prototype (2)
Linkup Game
How to Write JavaFX Pac-Man Game
Download Source Code of Javafx Games

JavaFX Articles

JavaFX Debut in Winter Olympics Games JavaFX How Tos
JavaFX Launched Faster in JavaSE 6u18 JavaFX Plug-in for Eclipse

JavaFX Blogs

These are important blogs on JavaFX:
JavaFX Blog(Chinese)
Review: Essential JavaFX Book
Compare and Review JavaFX Technology
JavaFX Programming Center for Chinese JavaFX Programmers and developers
JavaFX Guy Technical Articles, Useful language information from javafx guy.

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